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Sierra, stuffed with tat we don't need - looking at you Siri

Something new has happened with the latest version, Sierra. It was released and has *nothing* of use. It's slower, has pointless UI tweaks and just about every "new" feature is simply not applicable or downright not needed.

Siri for example. What the hell is that all about? Siri seldom works on a phone when you need it such as in a car. So why would you use it on a desktop machine in an office, or on a laptop in a public space... There's such a delay with it interpreting your command, that it's utterly pointless. Of course, if this were touted as an accessibility feature, I'd get it. But it's not.

So you turn off Siri because it's not needed and there's security concerns. Then use a *wired* expensive pair of headphones with the control button and click to stop or start music to get a Windows-style popup box "Do you want to enable Siri"? Every. Sodding. Time.

What else is new... Watch -- never. Copy desktop to Apple (and pay loads of money to them) -- no. Handoff to phone/tablet -- no. Apple radio -- no. Send all my photos to Apple -- no. Phone without a headphone socket -- no.

Apple are a bunch of arrogant greedy bastards who've have completely lost their way.

I'm a customer, not a bloody cow for you to milk.

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