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Denial of own figures - here we go again

I'm going to repost what I said the last time the gubbermint announced something about rural broadband, while they perpetuate the "extremely poor value" Openreach monopoly and the copper nonsense, while ignoring their OWN homework. Enjoy:

Why does our Gubbermint ignore their own figures on ROI and benefits for infrastructure projects?

HS2 is estimated by the DfT to deliver a benefit ratio of 2.3 to 1. For every £1 spent on HS2, it will return £2.30. The DfT paper is here:

Right. Providing FTTP to the entire country is estimated to deliver an ROI of approximately £20 for every £1 spent. DCMS commissioned the report here:

Which project would you do?

Is our gubbermint thick, or do they just ignore information they don't like, or doesn't fit their political agenda?

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