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pretty sure that with modern building reg's mains alarms must be installed. We had them fitted about 6 years ago when we renovated (totally gutted) our house. We have 5 around the house and when one goes off they all go off. They also have interchangeable detector heads so can detect, smoke, heat or "flicker flame". They do also take a 9v battery for backup in the case of a main failure. They are pretty easy to install in an existing property and they just get wired in to your lighting ring. Seems to me NEST is a solution for a problem that doesn't really exist, well not to the tune of paying £99 for one! So it doesn't make a high pitched alarm noise, and, it lights up when you walk past, so, you won't (but actually will) be woken up if the battery runs out (once every few years), and.......

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