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There are 342 pending updates

Agreed. Software quality is sacrificed due to speed to market, driven by jazz hands and people who do not believe in the market value of a quality product. There are commercial pressures to get it out, alpha, beta or whatever, but just get it out rather than test it "reasonably".

I do not update any apps on my iThings unless ....

1) It is a security update that I am convinced represents a threat vector

2) I read about and decide I want the new functionality

3) I am compelled to for OS upgrade/compatibility reasons and I STILL want the app

Otherwise, I have 100+ companies that I have no influence over, and who may or may not be compromised, and I'm allowing them fairly unfettered access to install software on my iThing. Most non-technical folk behave like like this, which feeds those marketing folk who don't sell on quality, just the unwanted features of the "new shiny thing".

Show me where the market for quality is ... and I'll go there. That's what I want.

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