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I don't have a comprehensive answer, but I have part of one (though I'm not being clever, others have already pointed this out).

The problem is, at root, simple-mindedness.

Bear in mind that people with terrific skills, whether scientists, fighter pilots or top-flight developers, can display surprising naivety and foolishness when they're out of their 'comfort zone'.

Two decades of disruptive innovation and the shattering success of a few big names like Apple, Google, and Facebook (notwithstanding that hundreds of businesses just as good or even better have long since failed and blown away), plus the rise of outfits like Uber and Airbnb which use software to the nth degree to make humans and their livelihoods irrelevant, means that those aspiring to success tend to think in some very simplistic, cartoonish ways. You can see this just by looking at headlines, or business plans, where intellectual boilerplating would have the reader believe that every single startup has a management "passionate about {some bolox}", offering products/services that are "unique" (by the fictional margin that satisfies the idiots in USPTO), and of course "disruptive" plus all the other phrases that find their way unchanged into a business plan.

This leads, with a kind of sad inevitability, to blockheads thinking "different" must be "better" and that getting code out there counts as first-mover advantage.

It's been going on at least since Microsoft's 'ribbon' for Office apps, where a clumsy mess of options hogged a third of your screen as an *improvement*, making a farrago of cluttered dysfunctionality where previously your fingers remembered exactly where to find the menu options you needed.

So Apple, leaning far too heavily on the perceived quality of their devices, which now lack a headphone socket, an SD socket and even a removable battery while doing nothing much phones couldn't do five years ago, think they are "innovating" by mucking around with poorly tested code of dubious desirability.

The search for "different" (because it must be "better", right?) has taken us down some particularly pointless alleys, like screens of utterly pointless high resolution (on a phone??) and voice assistants renowned for their misinterpretation and hopelessly irrelevant answers.

What's particularly funny is that manufacturers who think they are "innovative" are all glumly churning out candy-bar-form-factor phones which look almost indistinguishable from each other, instead of trying real ideas (such as revisiting the clamshell). But that's simple-mindedness for you.

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