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UK is already in the dark ages

...listen to you all .. you'd think putting actual physical connections in the ground is the only way to get broadband to rural areas...

In Spain, i often visit some friends in a village. Its about 12 miles up into the mountains and after Telephonica refusal to put in a line for years, another company rolled out some form of wimax repeaters up the valley and now everyone has a small microwave antenna on their house for up to around 8 or 10 M/Bit.

A few towers were much cheaper than digging a hole.... but the UK has been so focused on BT and the cost of digging holes, tech has moved on.

I don't know how politicians can even say "market economics" when BT exists and has fought for it's monopoly with apparent government support at every turn.

Now i write this, i am wondering why the likes of Vodafone don't roll out 4G to rural places first and steal the march (and the customers) from BT's hole digging empire.

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