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Is Apple's software getting worse or what?


Apple's bugs aren't just bad, they change the way things work in a fundamental way (with no other option), and screw up lots of things that were working. I got the local Apple Store to admit that Apple was force-downloading the half-gigabyte iOS update to my i-devices, numerous times after I deleted each previous forced download. So I took that to Apple Support, got a top-level supervisor, who screamed at me and said "We don't do that", to which I replied "I have proof, and acknowledgement from the Apple Store", and she immediately hung up on me.

They changed the home button in iOS10 from push-then-swipe to push-push. It took weeks to get past that old habit. They changed the way automatic (no option) functioning of the keyboard works in uppercase - backing up to erase an uppercase letter, and also changed the way the keyboard switches after entering punctuation, with no other option of course, and I haven't gotten past that yet.

The iPhone 6s-plus keyboard is much smaller than the iPad Mini keyboard, and so when I use landscape mode on the iPhone on Web pages to enter data, do I get a bigger keyboard than in portrait mode? NO! They add all manner of extraneous keys and squeeze the standard keyboard into the center. Again, no option.

Apple is the perfect corporation - pure greed, driven by executives who have no idea about the product, with bean-counters who thrive on making every possible cut to product quality than can be made without alerting and alarming the majority of their users.

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