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The best tech is invisible

As a general rule, the more complicated devices get, the more often they go wrong.


Our home doors are operated by mechanical keys, which work perfectly when the power is out or internet service is down. Our thermostat is connected to nothing but the HVAC system. Our refrigerator is connected only to AC power. Our smoke detectors cost less than $20, and have batteries which will last for their entire 10-year useful life span.

All of these things work reliably, and were but a fraction the cost of their "smart" counterparts. They don't require complex passwords or firmware updates. They don't monetize me. They don't have touch screens on which to show me relevant ads.

They are the opposite of sexy; they are invisible.

All they do is silently, reliably, and cost-effectively solve problems for me, year after year -- just like tech is supposed to.

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