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Why listen to comments from Hyperoptic, when discussing RURAL broadband?

"Hyperoptic specialises in bringing full fibre optic broadband direct to multi-dwelling buildings such as apartments and offices. If your building is within our catchment area, and enough residents show support by registering online, we can connect you to our future-proof full fibre network."

They really don't seem to be interested in running fibre to single dwellings, along country lanes. And to be fair to them, they may be taking their time, but that is exactly what Openreach are doing in our area at the moment.

Competition in in backhaul in rural areas is a silly waste of resources. Why spend the money to dig up the road twice or three times for different companies? (Same arguement for electricity and water - if I switch electric company they don't string a new cable to the house. 'Competition' is bullshit)

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