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phone range

Get some publicity with an iPhone clone if you want Google, but a range of models with more affordable prices would have been nice

Would far sooner see additional Google phone at an attractive price (and with SD slot as must have) rather than something copying iPhone high price , lack of card slot (though Google have track record of no SD card on their phones - e.g. see Nexus)

Happy to have a bit of plastic, bog standard camera (I have a proper camera, all phone camera will do is take the odd snap / cat video style of junk so no need for best in class quality)

Cheap and cheerful android with space for media on SD (streaming needs decent signal & eats costly bandwidth, handy to have phone doubling as MP3 player) and regular security updates is all I need (and doubt I am alone with such simple needs) without the warranty voiding of root & modded ROM.

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