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Consumer rights groups in Canada have little power, less funding and shockingly few rights. I also don't see how it is on me, personally, to steer a ship like that which is run by it's own group of people. I can (and have) recommended action to some of the consumer rights groups here in Canada, but bear in mind that these organizations have their own staff, with their own power structures and their own priorities.

Incidentally, bitching online does have a purpose. It makes me feel better. Also: it causes debate and discussion which may lead to additional people choosing not to buy from Samsung. All of that is a Good Thing. The more people choose a different vendor the more financial pressure there is on Samsung to change their ways.

And make no mistake about it, the only thing that will get Sammy - or any other enterprise - to alter their behaviour is financial pressure. Customer rights groups and government pressure ultimately result in irrelevant changes decades after the issue arises.

Lastly, posting about just how much Samsung sucks annoys you, personally. Don't underestimate how much satisfaction I derive from irritating you and everyone else like you who state that wanting a phone to just fucking work (and/or be patched regularly) makes one an "entitled millennial dick".

Also: if I can offend, irritate or dismay any brand tribalists at any time, then whatever efforts I engage in to do so are not wasted. Brand tribalists are among the most evolutionarily unfit members of our species, and I greatly desire to see them selected against. Causing them to expose their own irrationality is one means by which I can help ensure this occurs.

So, in conclusion: shitposting about Samsung has value to me in layers.


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