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So let me get this straight...

Having pretty much hardwired their services into Android, Google are now bringing out their hardware own hardware to run it on.

Doubtless the next step will be very similar to how they forced Chrome up to the number 1 browser spot - a very obvious call-to-action on their search results page (with Chrome for Android and Google search being the defaults, natch), saying "why not upgrade your handset to a faster, more secure, more reliable model?" and linking through to the store.

After that, maybe a few zero-day issues in new versions of Android that get fixed overnight on the Pixel handsets while everyone else is forced to languish?

And to top it all off - "unlimited cloud storage". That's a double whammy of pushing everyone towards the Google cloud, while also effectively undercutting the competition - tantamount to the anticompetitive, widely illegal practice of predatory pricing.

And people still think this is not a monopolistic behaviour?

At least on patch Tuesday, Microsoft patch everyone's machine* regardless of hardware vendor.

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