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Good God, we've found a Google thing we like – the Pixel iPhone killer


What's the obsession with battery and SD cards? My Nexus is now 3 years old, and battery is perfect. I also fail to grasp my you would waste your time trying to fit your entire digital life on your phones really slow, split storage as card, waiting for someone to grab if you ever lose it.

Well I know what my obsession is with non-removable batteries, especially when the phone is as expensive as this. Given my recent run-in with an expanding overheated battery in my otherwise sealed Honor 6 unit, although I managed to replace it myself for the price of a replacement battery, I know exactly what my obsession is. (So do quite a large number of recent Samsung users!)

As for this continual harping on about "split storage", I still don't trust any cloud provider with my data. I have enough to do keeping my browsing out of the grubby mitts of people like Google and slimes like the NSA without all that.

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