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Good God, we've found a Google thing we like – the Pixel iPhone killer

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I hope...

..they didn't copy the gawdawful iPhone keyboard. Swype works great.

I actually really like the Android OS quite a bit. Having to support iPhones at work, it's iOS that feels awfully clunky and dated to me. It seems like Apple always bakes in features that they think are innovative but have little practical use for most people.

I will keep my:

-Logical, consistent menu system

-Lack of annoying password and other popups that steal focus.

-Ability to easily cast my screen to devices other than Apple TV.

-SD card slot

-IR remote emitter

-Removable battery

-File transfer options (which iOS lacks)

-Accessible file system

-Display that doesn't shatter if you look at it askance.

-Never will I miss iTunes.

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