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The real killer item is the price

A couple of years ago when I first heard that the new Nexus 6 would be enormous I swore I wouldn't touch it - I was happy with my Nexus 5, which is still a beautiful little machine. But I did - I relented and paid £549 plus £10 delivery, and I don't regret it. The N6 is still a wonderful piece of kit.

But that was a one-off. No matter how great the Pixel camera is (I don't take that many photos), or how great Assistant is (I hate talking to inanimate objects because it makes me look and feel like a dork), there's no way in the world that I'll pay iSheep prices when there are other brilliant devices out there at a fraction of the Pixel price. Is either Pixel really worth £270 more than the Oneplus 3? Not to me it isn't...

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