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Good God, we've found a Google thing we like – the Pixel iPhone killer


Yep - this is the phone to convert iOS users

My issue is that it's " the phone to convert iOS users" and not really the phone their existing market actually wanted.

And their conversion strategy was to make something that looks the same but is "slightly better" in every way.

Bluntly I can't see anybody switching to Android solely on the basis of a slightly better camera, battery, VR experience, voice activated assistant and all the rest. It might be better, but you need to offer more to get people to switch their existing OS.

As an existing Android user, I just feel "nice specs", but most of the features are software, which will be shortly available on equivalent phones costing half the price.

In summary I have no issue with the continuation of the 'Pixel' range representing high-end google stuff - what I resent is the killing of the Nexus brand.

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