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Dropping Linux and the GPL completely?

Google claim to be pro open source, but they really aren't that into it and keep keeping their foot out the door so they can close things. Which they do while they also do a lot of stuff they never open.

Part of the problem with Android is that because the vendor can close stuff, they do, and then no one but the vendor can update the phone, and they don't because they have moved on to the new shiny they want you to buy. Android is the worse of all worlds because of the permissive licensing Google went out their way to have. Avoiding GPL projects as much as they could. If vendors couldn't modify the source and had to stick to a hardware platform standard, then we could update freely. If vendors had to open their modifications to the source, it could all be upstreamed and reworked and we could update freely.

I wonder if this new platform is going to be Linux or if they are just going completely closed and asserting themselves. Most consumers won't notice or care, least not for a while, and then it would just be the affects they notice not the cause.

I'd like to think this bringing together ChromeOS and Android means going more GNU and free, but this being Google I doubt it.

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