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I'm with you on the "negative bubbles", in fact I think they are the true phenomenon here. I say that because I don't think I'm anything special or magical, just someone who spent a good amount of spare time methodically learning how computers and things worked and how to use and troubleshoot them (for myself, at any rate). The result is I generally have a nice time on a computer, and when things go wrong I patiently set about putting them right. No hammers required (well, rarely).

My GF, on the other hand, exhibits very much your "negative bubble" concept (which I myself named "technopathy" - linguists present may freely comment on how cromulent this construction is). If something can go wrong with a computer while she is using it, it will, whatever the odds. I will watch her like a hawk and not be able to explain what I'm seeing, nor be able to replicate it. It apparently happens to her at work as well. She is no ninja but knows her way around a computer as well as most who've used one day-to-day for as long as she has; I swear the things just don't like her.

So, yeah. Not sure about the positive, but the negative? Yup.

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