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The dreaded L user and L techs

I my corporate job when my daughter started school so I could either drop her off or pick her up. It was a massive financial drop in $$$ as I went to work in the school IT system. Years later I was employed at a school and was told my boss was the 21 year old "tech"and here I am now 55 years old. I arrived the SharePoint Helpdesk was full of open jobs that that the "tech" couldn't clear. Two weeks later I had nothing to do, SharePoint was clear. I then noticed the kid was fixing teacher's home machines that they bought in and was entering them into the Helpdesk as work he had done. I can only guess it was so he would be able to point out that he was actually fixing things and entering them into the Helpdesk.

A couple of new laptops were in the office when I arrive one day with a note say "XXXX with do!" so, he was the boss so I left them alone. I had noticed that he had been downloading a large number of wireless LAN drivers for these laptops and I didn't know why. We worked different days so I didn't get the chance to ask. About 3 month later the Principal asked if I could if I could look at the laptops and get them to him with the appropriate software installed on them. After spending 1.5 seconds turning on the Wi-Fi switch I proceeded to install the software and handed them to the Principal 90 minutes later. It was after turning the Wi-Fi switch on that I twigged as to why all the wireless drivers had been downloaded. He didn't know there was a switch. Guess he didn't know how to RTFM or use Google.

At the end of the year I was terminated. I later heard that the Business Manager hadn't been notified my departure and was not at all pleased because in her works "at least Joseph fixes things". I had to fill in for this clown at another school for 3 months while he was off for some reason. There were 18 computers that I was told were dead. When I was told when they died I was not happy because it happened while they were still under warranty so could have been fixed and cost them nothing plus they would have had these resources. I looked inside a couple of the machines, borrowed a compressor of a friend and resurrected 17 out of the 18 "dead" computers. Things went downhill from there.

I wonder to this day (5 years later) why he was able to keep his job being totally inept but I couldn't because I was now in the undesirable age bracket. This isn't intended to sound like a whinge about me but it is more about the thousands of dollars this one idiot had cost these schools some of which had tiny IT budgets where the loss of one machine was a disaster. From the previous readings it seems that incompetence rises to the top and us with the receding blonde hairlines are seen as being unable to keep up with these new fangled magic boxes filled with electronic thingies.

Last one. I walked into a classroom and the teacher had decided to take the cover off a 15" CRT monitor to show the students what was inside. Now I don't know what sort of charge the large electrolytic capacitors in these held but I do know, not from personal experience, that it is not a good thing to touch them. I don't think any parent would have been too pleased to find their 9 year old child had been zapped with one of them.

If we techs wrote a book listing all the stupid and dangerous things we have come across day to day in our chosen profession, it would be labelled fiction because nobody would believe anyone could be so dumb. Thank you and please keep them coming as some have even made me go, no way, why did they do that?

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