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I tell them to do one thing, they do something entirely different, then they come back and complain that what I told them didn't work.

Ah yes, the number of times I've either been in the room watching or on something like a shared screen on Skype, told the user to click on "The big green START button at the bottom left of their screen (xp days)" and watched their mouse immediately move up and right. Then they complain there's no green button there. I tell them where to look and they still don't. Eventually resort to "move your mouse down a bit. Bit more. Now left. More left. More left. Little down. Little left. Yeah, that green button in the bottom right". Or watch them move hard right/left when you say it's just to the left etc..

If they could just do as told, with little fuss. Ask if they don't understand rather than faking it (I often tell them they'll look more stupid when they fuck things up because they clicked on the wrong things). Also have one gent (older and management, who'd have guessed) who insists on "I'll click on xx and see what happens" when I'm asking him to read out a settings dialogue or something else. Even though I often expressely remind him to only ever click what I say, when I say, and only the exact number of times I say.

(Remotely-viewed mouse cursor is a "prior art" version of those eye-tracking devices :) )

tl;dr : Users are annoying and don't follow even basic instructions, often because they want to appear to know more.

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