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Time and again, with various Linux flavours (currently using Mint) a dialogue box will pop up that is bigger than 600 pixels high and it is absolutely impossible to move it to enter data into the fields off the bottom of the screen.

Oddly not at a Linux box right now so can't confirm this, but IIRC you can hold ALT (or maybe CTRL) and drag the window with the mouse, from any where in the window. Have had to do this a few times on Mint as well, for similar reason (though it was a Windows game under WINE crashing out (thanks SystemD, you really are an incredibly crappy pile of shitamazing bit of code!) and leaving the screen rez rather borked.

I wonder if the same idea works with Windows.. I've had that problem with new installs in the past before the graphics drivers go in, Windows only seeing 800x or worse, 640x ! Thankfully could do a parallel install and work out what each field was and how many times to hit [TAB]...

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