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users not knowing what they're doing has serious consequences.

Back in 1998 I spent a huge amount (£1000) of saved up money (I was unemployed at the time) on a Hewlett Packard Pavilion 3240 slimilne desktop with a very small power button on the front of the case (the siginifcance of this will become clear in a moment), with a P200 MMX intel processor (whoo!) and 32MB or RAM (whooer still!). More annoyingly if I had waited a an extra month or so, I could have bought a Pentium II :(( (but that would make me digress from the rest of the anecote). I had the computer for a month or so and slowly learnt how to use the Windows 95D operating system that cam with it.

During this time I was having my heart monitored by the local hosptial, which caused me the odd sleepless night as the poppers on the connectors kept popping off. Anyway, I had an appointment with the "Download Technician" which I promptly attended. There on the desk, was a Hewlet Packard Pavilion 3260 (2 numbers away from mine).

The DT pressed this several times and the computer didn't come on. She pulled her face and looked rather puzzled. I mentioned to her that I had a similar PC at home and also said there was a swtich on the back of the desktop unit on the right hand side. Someone had flicked it to 0. She flicked the swtich, pressed the very small power button, and the machine beeped into action. It seems that no one had told her that there was a switch on the back, and that it was me, the patient, who sorted it out. They diagnosed me with cardiomyopathy and told me to take it easy, which I did.

Fast forward 13 years later and I went to my GP about something I don't really remember. I mentioned that I had been diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. She tapped stuff into the computer and looked at my medical history. My notes had been completely trashed. There were about 5 lines of text left. There were no records of antyhing! She promptly sent me to the local hospital for a total medical, which resulted in a 12 hour nightmare stay with most of those hours wasted sat around for blood tests etc. As the time ticked away I had nothing to eat nor did I get any sleep as security guards patrolled the hospital. Eventually I was discharged around 2-20 AM; I finally got home at 3-40 AM (having to walk). I'm not going into more detail as this was an incredbly stressful time for both myself and other patients. Cutting a long story short, people died. I had to have even further tests and the 1998 diagnosis was wrong. What I have is actually so common, it's regarded as insiginifcant.

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