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"Browser sniffing.... Sigh. I thought we'd seen the end of that in the early 2000's :-("

Yep. For various reasons, the only browser available to me the other day was Konqueror. Latest, fully patched version. But the BBC decided I was using some sort of mobile device. No amount of hunting over the page elicited the "show full site" link they used to have. I can only assume that their limited browser checking was simply looking for known, expected browser and assuming anything not oin that list must be phone. Same applies to my 8" tablet screen. No, you twunts, it's NOT a tiny little phone screen.

The other bugbear is the sort of websites you are most likely to want to refer to while out and about but the site is hard coded for width and almost impossible to read on a phone screen even in landscape mode. Like the other day when I was having problems with my satnav while on the road.

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