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User couldn't open documents or turn on PC, still asked for reference as IT expert


"I don't *DO* Win-ten, I don't *HAVE* Win-ten, there are *NO* Win-ten boxes in my house." Yet Inept Sister still gets me to help-desk her on her Win-Ten box.

Worse. Once I fixed her box she had me try to fix, by telephone, the Wi-fi on her daughter's box. What confused me was that none of the things she was seeing on the screen matched with anything I'd ever seen while playing with the demo models of Win-ten in the shops.

Inspiration. Winver. Daughter-box is running XP.

Fortunately, my telekinesis is too weak to strangle sisters by way of the telephone system.

Even more fortunately, XP issues I can deal with.

Much kudos when I did, too.

It's when they say "thank you" that it almost seems worth the aggravation.

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