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"And can someone tell me why credit/bank card forms ask for the 16 digit number with no spaces or dashes?

Is it really so hard to parse '^([0-9]{4}[ -]{0,1}){4}$'"

Quite - that's long been an annoyance for me. What's worse is that I'm absolutely sure I remember correctly, and when e-commerce was first starting to take off, many forms would accept card numbers formatted with spaces.

As you say, it's trivially easy to parse the number and strip anything unwanted (give a 16 digit block with no spaces to the back-end, if necessary - but let me type it in with spaces!) - but more importantly, it's easier for the user to double check what s/he has typed if it's spaced out like that - especially older people, or those whose with less than 20/20 vision.

And don't get me started on those that force you to switch from keyboard to mouse when what has to be input can very easily be done from the keyboard. Duh! Offer the mouse method as an alternative method for those less adept with a keyboard!

(And that includes making sure your fields can be easily navigated using the tab key - don't put too many unnecessary stops (extra links) along the way, and FFS don't use CSS lay the page out in such a way that the tab order becomes an illogical mess!)

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