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Be honest would any of us think comp school IT teachers would know anything about IT?

I'd hope it's better now, but in my day it was generally a maths teacher who'd been on a course.

When we were all hacking away on our ZX Spectrums and Commadore 64's, we had a secondary teacher who knew sod all, and was very defensive because of it.

I remember one lesson where she wrote BASIC a few lines to output 3 numbers in numerical order. It was full of if... then etc.

As homework, we were told to write a program that would sort 6 numbers.

I wrote a simple generic sort program, as you would, and got bollocked in front of the class: "If I'd wanted you to write a sort algorithm, I'd have asked you too"

Back then, I was as shy as a coconut stand (*rimshot*) [No-one believes me when I tell them that today}, but fortunately a mate of mine was a gobby little shit and gave it to her big time.

When I did A levels (different school) it was totally different, the teachers knew their stuff, and knew they did, and if they were asked something they didn't know, they'd say as much, rather than mumble and bullshit like the first teacher did. In fact, you'd often hear "I hear XXX(pupil) has been looking at that. Why don't you ask him/her"

I sorta agree regarding university lecturers, although whilst there were a few great school teachers, there were also a few lecturers who were obviously only there for their research project and equipment/funding.

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