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Reading through a hundred CV's made me appreciate how little effort a lot of people put in

Very few people understand the purpose of a CV; simply, it's an advertising brochure designed to make the reader want to interview the applicant. The example CV I used for a number of job clubs I led during the 90s was less than a page and described what an "ordinary housewife" had achieved in relation to budgeting, problem-solving, logistics and so on. The Chinese-American woman who wrote that CV had successfully applied for the job of campaign manager for a Democratic campaign manager back in the early 1970s.

I believe pretty much everyone running job clubs in Australia at that time used her CV as the best possible example. It took seconds to read and you really wanted to interview whoever wrote it. The average CV does the exact opposite which is just as well. I don't know any employer who likes interviewing; it's incredibly stressful.

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