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Bullshit! I do not doubt many people who hire are biased and let that affect their decisions; but, don't give me that bullshit that no one can overcome their built-in bias. I have been involved in hiring and have always looked at all applicants from the view of having to rely on them and their work; not, who would I like to go to the members only club with (even if I had been a member of any club other than flunkies united). Is this person going to make my job harder or easier. Will their performance make my hiring decision look good or daft? The best hire I ever made was a female engineer who was selected over several male applicants based on her resume and interview performance. Once hired she proved me right and did great work with minimal supervision. Intelligent people separate their personal feelings from work decisions. I do not have to like anyone I work with or for, or who works for me; we all just have to do our jobs in a professional manner and carry our own weight. Get on with the program.

The point of this rant is not that there is not bias in hiring; but, that it is not inevitable.

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