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Ladies in tech, have you considered not letting us know you're female?


I'm biased ... and I know it. So I can work around it.

@ DougS

Both as a freelancer and as an employee I have been put through tests or had to show and discuss technical cases, solve test cases.

Prepare a few VMs with deliberate mis-configurations (Boot, network, etc) and you'll be able to see how somebody works or is able to solve a problem.

Ask questions. If the applicant starts bragging immediately, ask nasty questions.

So many options here, to see if the applicant is fit for the job (and not afraid to get into a discussion with the boss-to-possibly-be)

Now, being an employer myself, my wife and I have agreed upon the following:

CVs will be anonymised by her, so only the experience and education part remains.

Any hint on gender, religion, disability or "race" (how I detest this word) are removed.

Why? Because I am biased. I will probably treat applications from men older than me, people with "exotic" names or hobbies I don't like, the same.

I don't like that about me, as there are other things I don't like about me.

And I can work on those, try to change them, but that'll take time. So my wife (Procura in our company) takes care of that.

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