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User couldn't open documents or turn on PC, still asked for reference as IT expert


Another salesman one. I received an internal call one day from a salesman that his Windows 3.1 E-mail client was running slowly, and could I sort it out.

So I wandered down to the sales team once free, and noticed him on the phone whilst reading through his latest E-mails. When he had finished reading a message, instead of hitting 'Close' or 'Delete' to dispose of it, he was hitting the minimise button, and he seemed to have over 50 different E-mail messages currently minimised. As this E-mail package displayed something like "Message 4 of 184" in the title bar of every message, every single minimised window had to be updated whenever a new message arrived.

The salesman's main task at this point was to sell this E-mail package to customers.

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