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I have also seen users complaining that a mouse works strangely while holding it upside down and ones having problems with switching computers on or off.

Having said that I must add that there is an additional (mysterious) component. There are people computers seem to obey and ones the hardware and software itself seems to hate. I call it "computer Tao" as I don't have a better name for that. You either have it or you don't.

Someone calls me that the server cannot be switched on. I ask him to show me how he tries to switch it on. He does everything correctly but the box is dead. I push the very same button and the server comes alive. As irrational it seems to be, I've seen it too many times to ignore this. And always with the same persons. Sometimes applications crashed the moment such person entered the room. Superstition? Coincidence? Maybe but it did happen too many times to just shrug it off.

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