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I don't understand why people get so worked up about this. Is it because acting as a hater is funny? OK maybe it is, for the first five minutes.

Just don't wear the frigging badge, end of story. Am I being unfunny?

I don't think you're deliberately unfunny, but I suspect you may not live in London. It's a very important part of British humour to laugh about your own social quirks, so these foreigners have walked right into one of the major things Londoners laugh about.

The "complaints" are thus not really complaints, they're windups. People do talk, but it's just more fun to pretend they don't and come up with a sort of cultural rejection of an idea that can only have ever been dreamt up by a non-Londoner. All they've done is make themselves a target of pretty classic British humour. Those who genuinely complain didn't get the joke either, and anyone who expresses hate in this context needs his head examined, or is wilfully trolling.

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