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I had a very irate contractor, one that was being paid over $100K for a 4-month stint, call me angrily saying her monitor that we had just installed wasn't working. The tone of her voice implied that we were all incompetent. I asked whether she had turned it on and if the power light was lit up. "Of course I've tried that!" I'm sure you see where this is going... I walked into the office, wordlessly pushed the power button without even looking at her, and silently walked out.

I've also driven miles through a typhoon of a rainstorm to discover that when people 'cleaned behind the computer cabinet', they plugged the UPS into itself. A perpetual motion machine it was not.

Recently I had the gristly discovery that a relatively new IT hire, that I mentored, and that still daily calls me with questions, was hired in making significantly more than my current salary.

While dealing with things like this gracefully is all part of being an adult, it does tend to wear you down...

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