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Same thing with the head of IT at a local school. Thing is, when teaching effectively is just reading the GCSE teachers book out aloud, all you need to be able to do is get the kids to follow simple instructions and type stuff. Usually in Word. There's no actual IT going on and she hadn't actually taken IT at uni. It's not her fault she got the job but I just can't see why she applied or was appointed.

I got a fairly angry call to come see why her PC wasn't working first thing one Friday morning, probably before her coffee, so asking her was it plugged in and switched on was definitely not what she wanted me to say.

"Of course it is, do you think I'm stupid?"

So there's some question you never answer honestly, right?

So off I go, when I got there and "fixed" it, she was in the room and asked me what I'd done, I pointed out I'd just plugged it in at the mains. At which point she blamed the cleaner for unplugging it.

Really gotta hope she had coffee before "teaching" the kids later.

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