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User couldn't open documents or turn on PC, still asked for reference as IT expert

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I was doing the other (main, non-IT support) part of my job, with a senior teacher in a local school. She had a document on her PC, so asked my to wait before I came in to her office because it was confidential and she didn't want to lose it. Some puzzlement and several minutes later I heard the printer. Then she let me in to her office. She explained that she'd already had to write it twice before, because she'd had to leave her room before it was finished and had switched it off because it was confidential. So I asked her if she hadn't just saved it. She said she didn't know how.

This was in a school with any number of technically competent teachers, a four strong admin team and hundreds of kids she could have asked. But she'd wasted hours and hours of her time, week in week out because she didn't know how to save a document. It wasn't my role in that school to show her, but I offered. She said she didn't have time!

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