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User couldn't open documents or turn on PC, still asked for reference as IT expert

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My girlfriend never turns her laptop off, and sometimes she brings it home (obviously puts it in standby mode). It's happened on more than one occasion that Outlook stops responding, or won't start, or something is generally slow on her work laptop and she'll ask me what's wrong with it.

"Have you turned it off and on?"


"Well do that first, then if it doesn't work we'll take another look".

Depending on her mood, she'll either do it straight away or try and crawl through the problem until she restarts it. But she'll always say "That's what the tech guys at work say, like it's the only way to solve a problem on a computer. And they get paid to tell me that".

At this point, I remind her, that 99% of the time this fixes the issue. I try to tell her to turn the computer off when she's not using it, but nooooo. That's too hard to do that.

But we've all been there haven't we?

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