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User couldn't open documents or turn on PC, still asked for reference as IT expert


At my first IT job (back in 2000), we had a guy who knew the sum total of nothing (TM) about computers. He'd come to me every day and ask pertinent questions, such as "How do I create a new Excel document?" and then several hours later "How do I save an Excel document?", followed by the inevitable "How to I open that Excel document from yesterday?".

He used to get me to type his emails for him (because he was way way way more senior than I was, and I was too young and inexperienced to refuse), and when questioned why, claimed that it was because the computer on his desk was too old and slow to work properly. Conceding that the old 286 (complete with TURBO button) might not be the fastest thing on the block, we bought him a new desktop - a P3 600 with 128mb of RAM. An absolute monster in terms of the machines we bought then. I set it up and noticed that the network cable was damaged, so I removed it to get a replacement. Somewhere along the line, I got distracted (by something shiny, no doubt), and never got around to installing the new cable.

The missing network cable was discovered after 5 weeks...

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