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Sounds like my sister, except in her case, the PC was normally left in standby and a simple mouse wiggle used to wake it.

One day someone switched the PC off, and she spent four hours wiggling the mouse before calling me (at 10pm).

Even this isnt the best, I think I can top the headline story.

Last year, An elderly lady called me (while I was away at the other end of the country), to complain her email hadnt worked for a few weeks; after a hour of talking the facts revealed were.

She and her husband were using several hand-me-down iPads and (Windows Vista!!) laptops, and none of them were getting emails because they had all lost their wifi connection. (They hadnt notice outgoing mail wasnt working !!).

So suspicion falls on the elderly BT HH2; AHA no lights!!

Me " Could you possibly have unplugged it and forgotten to plug it back in??"

OL "Well I did hoover in here the day email stopped working"

Me "Can you look to see if you can find the plug and plug it back in?"

OL "Oh, I think I'd better get a man in to do that"

So she paid some kid £40 to come out and plug the router in.

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