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Ladies in tech, have you considered not letting us know you're female?


He is right about a few things.

The first is that he actually accepts that a bias exists. Of course, to imply that it exists in everyone is inaccurate but accepting that there is a problem - in general - is a necessary first step.

The second thing he is correct about is the implication (whether he intended it or not) that sometimes it is necessary to force people with biases to evaluate a thing or a person in such a way as to remove the effect of the bias.

I am not suggesting that this should be accepted but simply that some people need to have their biases pointed out to them in this way before they understand. Some people will never learn, of course, but others will realise that they have been judging incorrectly.

Not that I am suggesting that women should have to hide their gender - far from it. Instead I am saying that some people making these judgments won't accept their biases until they have them revealed in this fashion.

And, of course, this kind of biases exists for race and age as well.

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