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Will Marriott do this? Probably not.

There are two ways to enforce a hotspot ban:

1) Spoof de-auth packets

This is illegal and I only wish the fine against Marriott and other convention operators had been higher. I'm honestly *shocked* that the FCC hasn't tackled Cisco/Meraki et al for actively advertising this as a feature since its use is decidedly illegal. Shame on the vendors for pushing this garbage on US users. However, my point in mentioning this is that this feature has already been built and is included as a rogue detection and mitigation feature, and generally costs customers nothing to implement, as a matter of course.

2) Train security staff

Actually, this is really complicated. You have to purchase highly specialized scanning equipment (Fluke is $2k just for a basic device) for *each* enforcer, train that enforcer extensively because they're likely security staff and not IT (most hotels don't keep IT staff on hand), potentially add to the security ranks because this is additional workload, write this clause into agreements with customers, and still not chase away high paying customers/convention attendees. This is *exceptionally* more expensive than option 1 above, which is free with your wireless controller license.

A business would only take this route if the management decided it was worth the investment. Certainly, in some particularly large conference locations, it will be (the Gaylord Opryland may end up back in the news for this). Your average Marriott, though? Puhhhh-lease.

That's why the author's article posits a question that's already been answered. You might occasionally get fleeced by an overzealous hotel management team. Avoid that property in future and rest well, assured of the fact that the economics of tracking down WiFi violations is vastly weighted in favor of just letting it go.

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