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HP Ink COO: Sorry not sorry we bricked your otherwise totally fine printer cartridges

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HP has guaranteed that all those people affected, and many others who hear about this, will never buy an HP inkjet printer again.

Indeed. I've gone from swearing by HP to swearing at it :).

That Epson EcoTank line looks better every day.

That's the funny thing. The decision of Epson to let me use replacement ink (it'll whinge at you on installation, but then gets back to work) has more or less directly led to the decision to buy "official" EcoTank A3 format versions for some of our offices (we use them to run brochure drafts) as soon as they become more available (the ET-16500 is still too new to be easily available, but we're not in a hurry).

Original ink gives you the best colour rendition and print quality, but the ink price was simply unacceptable. The EcoTank approach fixes that - it appears Epson saw the printing on the wall a bit earlier than HP..

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