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"The nail in the coffin for me was when my £2k laptop had a hardware error the DAY AFTER the extended warranty expired, and they were not even remotely interested in helping me, even though my laptop was one of 20 that we'd bought."

You should have gone to trading standards, a laptop that lasts just a year has to be unfit for purpose and possibly had an inherent manufacturing fault. (EDIT : Just seen that it was extended warranty, sorry.) I've helped people get refunds/repairs on "out of warranty" stuff many times including an aquaintance whose drill batteries failed in similar circumstances. Argos gave him vouchers approx. 1.5 times the cost of a new one in order to avoid a small claims court and subsequent publicity. He was happy. I've got a Dell laser with IJT carts and it's very happy. I just wonder why all the people with inkjets with clogged heads don't keep old carts and use some isopropyl ( generally inert on most plastics but at your own risk etc...) in order to do a cleaning run? I have to say that I have experience of some HP lasers that were built like tanks and go for years.

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