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Quite right

In my contract I am not "allowed" to like, post or link to unfavourable stories about any of our suppliers, subsidiaries etc.

Which is ridiculous, and in breach of: ECHR, Magna Charta, US Constitution and a dozen other well established laws and principles that predate the British Government by centuries.

I urge anyone else who works with HP to "accidentally" leak their employment contracts and any other useful data so we can see just how scumbaggy this company really is about effectively denying people their right to use out of date-but-working cartridges (strike 1), legally purchased but non OEM (strike 2) and general unkindness like forcing people with older systems to upgrade so their all-in-one installs the bloatware correctly. (strike 3: do not pass Go, go directly to Canon or Epson and save $$$)

Whatever happened to being able to fill a cartridge at home anyway? I have a resetter tool which was purchased in 2007, every time the cartridge on my Epson runs out it just gets reset and run until any degradation is noticed thus doubling its useful life.

The new chips do still work with it as Epson listened to its customers unlike HP and went back to the older, reliable variety with a resettable chip.

Case in point, I have a Canon ip1700 which has had 3 (!) cartridges since purchased in 2007.

Never had a problem with it, it just keeps going and going and going like the Energizer bunny!

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