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Epson for me... But HP for my Mum

I've been using Epson printers for the last 15yrs, I got burned too many times with HP and Lexmark ones... where it was actually cheaper to go out and buy another printer than buy the ink many times.

On the other hand I've also had printers ruined by using cheap inks and that's the issue... I can actually understand why HP are doing this, but I think it's a bad move that will hurt them in the long run. I my printer fails because I used cheap inks then that's down to me... But if I want to save money and the manufacturer deliberately blocks me doing that, and at the same time renders me unable to use the ink that I've already purchased... Well... F*ck you too... ex customer who'll never buy your ink or printers again... It's cheaper to grab a deal on a new printer than buy their ink at the moment.

However... they also do their subscription service and that's handy for my mum... 50 pages a month for £1.99 (unused roll over to the next month) is all she needs, and rarely uses it up... In fact I've been encouraging her to print photos out just for the hell of it, she's got a massive ream of photo paper after all.

At the time, only HP were offering such a service... but if others follow suit, then when her £40 printer goes tits up in a couple of years... Back to Epson she'll go.

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