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Oh I've definitely got a soft spot for HP printers

My Dad in the late 90s spent some horrific amount of money on an IIP (plus RAM cart - please note back then 'print what's on my screen' wasn't included in the box).

My homework never looked better, and the thing was as you say, built like a tank.

But that was back in the day when you sold the printer to make money, and gave the nervous consumer the option of buying branded toner as a sideline.

All went tits-up as the price of printers raced to the bottom in the hope the difference would be made up in consumables.

I did (maybe uniquely) own a Kodak printer, when they tried to resist the prevailing market with "expensive to buy, cheap to run" - but they promptly got smashed under the feet of idiots wanting a £25 printer.

I don't bear a grudge. Just satisfied to see the market and their remaining "enabling" users, rotting in printer-hell.

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