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As a counterpoint - I nearly went for this.

My post above relates me "finally removing my printer from my life" - but £3 a month to be able to print what I need actually sounds pretty good to me, it would just join Netflix and Spotify on my DD list I don't bat an eye at.

What pissed me off with printers previously was the anger I felt towards the thing.

The £75 of spare carts I had to maintain, the over-eager squirting of ink to 'clean heads' when I turned it on every couple of weeks to print a couple of sides of A4. I looked at my printer, and it made me angry.

I've personally got no issue with chucking a few quid a month to have a 'printer available' and replacement carts proactively coming through my door to maintain this service.

Personally, I've got printers at work if I need a hardcopy of something and no shortage of excellent online services that will not only print out my photos, but send it directly to the ageing relative who demanded them without me having to bother with packaging/posting.

It was a tempting death-rattle, and nearly got me, but I do feel good that I resisted.

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