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HP Ink COO: Sorry not sorry we bricked your otherwise totally fine printer cartridges

John 104

"We will continue to use security features to protect the quality of our customer experience, maintain the integrity of our printing systems, and protect our IP including authentication methods that may prevent some third-party supplies from working," Flaxman argues

And as consumers, we will continue to use our brains to buy other products that aren't going to stuff us in the ass on a whim.

I've been a HP printer user for decades. It was reliably the one thing they did right. I gave up on ink a long time ago, and strictly use laser. However, I was quite displeased the other day when my printer out of the blue printed a page telling me it now had an email address and I could web print. WHAT THE FUCK? I didn't ask for it but I think it pushed as part of my laptop driver when connected to my internal network. No idea how to clean this mess up. Quite pissed about the whole thing too.

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