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Did last night's US presidential debate Wi-Fi rip-off break the law?

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"It cost them money to create that "professional capacity" wifi system. Why exactly do you not think they are entitled to attempt to recover at least a part of that expense?"

Because: a) they didn't create a "professional capacity" system, since it failed at its purpose, b) if so people many were accessing their own hotspots they they needed to charge $200 to scrape back costs, they either sucked at creating it at a reasonable budget or created a system nobody needed and c) at least some of the costs were the people they hired to shake down those who didn't wish to use their service.

Most importantly, no matter what the MPAA tells you, nobody's entitled to a guaranteed profit in a capitalist system. If you create a product or service nobody wants to use, that's on you. If you overcharge and people baulk at it, they're free not to pay you unless they "steal" your product or service (not the case here, they simply used a competing service, which is their right in a free market). You don't get to round up a gang of thugs to shakedown anyone nearby for your protection racket unless you're in the mafia.

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