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Poor Journalism

This is very poor journalism. It has been announced long ago that Unity 8 will not be part of Yakkety and that is because Canonical is learning from past mistakes of putting out things which are not refined enough. It was only promised that it could be downloaded for testing purposes once the final release is out. This article is referring to a Beta 1 version. Here is also the oversight that Unity 7 is an absolutely excellent and polished desktop environment and has come a long way.

There is also a complete lack of understanding between the long-term release and what 16.10 is. Canonical are not even saying please all upgrade to 16.10 but there are a lot of good reasons to do so. If you are - like me- using recent machine with Skylake etc Kernel 4.8 and the associated graphics firmware is highly welcome; so are the newer version of Libre Office etc. So this article is implying unless there are massive new visual changes, don't upgrade? Will there also be an article recommending to not upgrade to Fedora 25 when its out or turn off upgrades on rolling distros like Tumbleweed and the Arch-based families?

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