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Did last night's US presidential debate Wi-Fi rip-off break the law?

Katie Saucey
Big Brother

Wi-Fi rip off?

Media trying to control the narrative? Well at least it isn't the jews ...oh wait.

And before I get perma-banned for being 'literally Hitler' look at the concentration of ownership in of the media westerner countries, the bias is real regardless whom of might be doing it. They all spit out the same narrative day after day, even Al-Jazz does this (RT the same but with a Rusksie anti-american slant), AP releases a clip/bite, everyone parrots, then relentlessly shoots down any independent opposition as 'a conspiracy' or freaks out about some autistic 400lb'ers on 4chan (Trump) with the frog memes (Hillary).

Here is an oldie, but a good example

The worst part is no one f-ing seems to care. Poor Orwell, he was absorbed in the Huxley merger of 9/11.

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